Manufacturing possibilities in China are virtually unlimited. With our assistance and consulting in manufacturing projects, our customers will be able to develop finished products or industrial use goods in factories at the heart of Asia’s largest economy, optimizing costs and maximizing profitability.

Your new products will be developed under strict quality standards which will be personally audited.

We offer:
Information Reception, samples and/or technical specifications of the product to be developed.
Identification of the potential manufacturers.
Pre-selection of qualified manufacturers:
* Analysis of commercial background
* Analysis of legal and financial situation
* Factory inspection
* Quality standards
Study of operating and manufacturing costs.
Negotiation de commercial conditions:
* Minimum quantities
* Price
* Delivery times
* Terms of payment
Development of white-label articles.
Preparation of reports.
Shipment of samples for further approval.
Production control and follow-up
Management of export documents at the source.
Coordination and follow-up of shipments
Optional customs clearance
Shipments Consolidation.
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